Consulting Update

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a price rise?

  • A price review is something that all businesses must do from time to time and it is not something that we do lightly at all. The last price review that was undertaken was in 2013 and since this time with constantly increasing costs we have delayed any changes for as long as possible. When COVID hit in 2020 we (like many others) chose to delay this change where possible to 2021 to do everything that we could to assist our customers. These price changes reflect the increase in costs (such as electricity and salaries for example) that we incur to provide our services to you.

Why has this taken so long?

  • We work extremely hard to drive efficiencies in our business which in turn mean lower costs to you.  As a technology company we have worked hard to use technology to help us reduce costs, this has included many things such as optimisation, automation and overall efficiencies.  Even with this development, there does come a point where in order to provide our high level of service that the price of the services provided does also need to increase.

How can I get cheaper rates?

  • Depending on your current arrangements it may be possible to reduce your rates.  Some examples of this include committing to regular pre-purchased hours or fixed price support.  The options available will depend on what you are looking for and to discuss further please contact our Account Management Team on 1300 784 889 Option 2 so that we can help you.

Haven’t Costs Come Down?

  • Yes, costs in some areas (such as compute power and storage) have in general come down and continue to do so.  In other areas (such as Microsoft 365 Licencing, Travel Costs, Labour Costs and Insurances) prices continue to increase.  The price changes we are implementing relate only and directly to our consulting fees.

Why is the Call Out Fee Changing?

  • For a long time our call out fee has been significantly inadequate to cover travel costs and time.  The cost to maintain vehicles including petrol, tolls and insurances plus the travel time required is a significant cost.  We have chosen to wear these costs for as long as possible.  In the new COVID-19 world a lot has changed and whilst we will always attend onsite whenever needed to provide the best level of service, we are also finding that a great deal of the work that we do can be done remotely.

Are you competitive?

  • We closely watch what the market is doing and continue to provide extremely competitive rates.  We focus on providing the best service in our industry and we have an incredible team of talented people who deliver the incredible Bigfish service.  The costs that we charge for the services we provide are extremely competitive.  Every week we are contacted by businesses who switch to Bigfish for our service and competitive prices.  All this being said, there are always going to be cheaper providers, but they will never provide the personal approach, service, uptime, professionalism and quality support that we are able to.

Have you considered off-shoring to save costs?

  • Since Bigfish started we have always been 100% Australian based.  We believe that this is good for Australia and Australian jobs.  We have more recently started more seriously considering off-shoring some components that may make sense to off-shore.  At this stage we have committed to keeping all jobs on-shore however we are regularly reviewing this.  There are some back end (ie. non client facing) parts of what we do that could be off-shored but we don’t feel like we are ready to do this yet.  We will continue to review this space and make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients.

Do you have a consulting price list that covers all fees and charges?

I have more questions, what should I do?

  • We are here to support you, if you have any more questions on any of this information our Account Management Team can be contacted via [email protected] or 1300 784 889 (Option 2).