IT Strategy

Providing trusted strategic advice and tailored implementation solutions

IT Strategy

Providing trusted strategic advice and tailored implementation solutions.

Operational Efficiency

Get the most out of your systems and team by removing wastage.

Total Cost Reduction

Invest in solutions that lead to a net reduction in business running costs.


Securely use your data in the ways that you need: any device, anywhere.

Increased Productivity

Use technology wisely to work smarter and get the most out of your time

Strategic Planning

IT consulting services to procure the best IT infrastructure, IT products and services to achieve your business objectives.

IT Budgets & Forecasting

We will work within your budgets to identify key focus areas, manage your IT budget and forecast future costs so there are no nasty surprises.

IT Education

We provide staff guidance and education to protect and streamline your IT business processes.


Medical IT Support

Bigfish are experts in around the clock secure and reliable medical IT services.  This includes Result Downloaders, Remote Access, Genie, ZedMed, Best Practice and Oasis just to name a few.  We understand the importance of data security in maintaining patient confidentiality and the need for dependable systems that won’t let you down in your busiest times.

Finance & Accounting IT

Bigfish look after Melbourne’s most trusted accounting and finance firms.  We work with the leading software companies and provide carefully planned systems to provide high performing and fast solutions, all the while ensuring data integrity and uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multi-cloud management?

Multi-cloud management is adopted to increase operational efficiency and achieve your digital transformation goals with a unified, comprehensive, multi-cloud management solution.

Do you Support our Software

Yes – we are the first point of call for all of your IT needs. To find out more about our experience with your specific software please contact us to discuss further. Popular software programs that we have extensive experience in supporting and maintaining includes MYOB, Xero, Intuit, Genie, ZedMed, Best Practice and Oasis – and the list goes on. After providing IT support for almost 20 years we have extensive experience across a wide range of programs.

What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation makes the most of your IT investment by running multiple systems on one piece of hardware. This in turn allows for extra fast recovery and migrations as well as expansions and moves. Our Melbourne Data Centre uses virtualisation to improve redundancy and provide the highest levels of uptime to provide you the reliability that your cloud IT services need.

Why do I need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

If your business cannot last without your critical data and programs then it needs a Disaster Recovery Plan. We can affordably store your data and provide guaranteed uptime to remove the stresses and problems associated with data management. Machines and hardware will fail, hackers use new technologies, people will make mistakes and nature is unpredictable – due to all of these things you need a disaster recovery plan to ensure your information is available at all times.

Can I choose what is included in my IT Managed Service?

Yes you can! Unlike an in-house team, you can manage your IT costs daily! You can even turn off and on at any point in time our optional extras. With manageable billing and IT support that’s responsive and effective, you can focus on what’s really important; your business.

What IT tools do you recommend?

Bigfish Technology uses an extensive ecosystem of innovative tools to support your digital business objectives.

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    Ready to drive your business further?

      Thank you for your message.
      You will hear back from one
      of the Big Fish Tech team in
      less than 24 hours!.